Ash Ridge Wines

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Having developed the vineyard  whilst still working overseas, time had finally come to give up city living and plunge head long into the  world of wine. Chris spent 15 years working in Foreign Exchange trading rooms all over the world, but with a long term desire to move out of the office and into the fields, the family finally made the move from expats to winemakers. Whilst the bulk of our wine education has been on the consumption side, the consumer is of course the most  important person in the industry, recent years have seen a steep learning curve with lots of hands on experience.

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A recent graduate of EIT Lauren has been putting her considerable talents to use developing Ash Ridge wines to the next level.

Growing up in a grape growing family in Malborough, it was almost inevitable that Lauren would enter the industry, you could say it runs in the blood. Lauren joined Ash Ridge in late 2012, straight from graduating from EIT in Hawke’s Bay. Working at a local winery for the 2013 vintage, Lauren made the Ash Ridge wines offsite, and proceeded to win a Trophy with the 2013 Ash Ridge Estate Merlot, not bad 3 months out of college! 2014 brought a brand new winery on site, and another great vintage, and most recently Lauren won Hawke’s Bay Young Winemaker of the Year 2015. Soon we will need a bigger trophy cabinet!

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Our resident artist in chief, Phil is our go to guy for any marketing work, he is a very busy man.

After a career in graphic design and advertising, largely spent in Africa and New Zealand, Phil decided it was time for a change of direction, its a family trait. Little did he know that a call from his brother would see him dive head first into the wine industry. Phil has one of the most diverse roles at Ash Ridge, as well as undertaking all our art work, label design and photography, he is also the IT guy, the cellar door manager, runs On Your Bike Winery Tours and produces a range of Winery Map posters that you will see throughout the country,

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Potentially the most experienced staff member, certainly in doggy years, Star has been a stalwart of the Hawkes Bay wine industry.

Starting her career at Hatton Estate, Star was a permanent feature at their cellar door, as well as a feature in the NZ Wine Dogs book, until the owners had to move overseas. In order to ensure that we had some staff members with experience, we were more than keen to welcome Star into the fold. Now she is a little long in the tooth, Star spends a lot of her time relaxing at the family home, but continues to make regular appearances at the cellar door, keep an eye out for her!