The Vineyard

Better by 10,000 years!


We are fortunate that our vineyard is in one of the best wine growing regions of New Zealand; our main vineyard and supplier vineyards are found in the “Bridge Pa Triangle Wine District” of Hawke’s Bay.

The soils for the Bridge Pa Triangle Wine District were laid down over ten thousand years ago.  The Ngaruroro River gently wound its way through a valley on the western edge of the Heretaunga Plains. In time the river changed it’s course, leaving gravel soils and low fertile land for general agriculture.

Whilst relatively close to the coveted “Gimblett Gravels” geographically, the soil structure and micro climates are quite different, and we have sought to plant grape varieties in the vineyard where indivdual characteristics will reflect themselves in to our wines.

Cardoness Vineyard

Sited on the exceptionally freedraining red-metal soils, consisting of gravel subsoil with a wind blown looes topsoil. This low vigour site is prefectly suited to the production of premium Syrah, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Hot summer days and a long cool autumn allow us to maximise physiological ripeness, creating wonderfully complex wines.


Peet Vineyard

Sited on a prominent ridge of ash pumice, the legacy of thousands of years of volcanic activity in the central north island. The pumice imparts a distinctive character to the “Bordeaux” varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The sun-baked vineyard benefits from a long summer with hot days and cool nights, which helps to maximize the flavour development of the wine.