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  • Ash Ridge Cabernet Franc

    Ash Ridge Premium Cabernet Franc 2016

    Bright and floral with rose water aromatics, the palate is rich but soft, with tobacco, vanilla and spice.

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  • Ash Ridge Cabernet Merlot 2016

    Ash Ridge Premium Cabernet Merlot 2016

    Rich with spice, licorice and blackcurrants, the palate is all black plums and cherries, with dark chocolate and a smokey char. A blend of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot

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  • Three Premium Chardonnay 2016

    Ash Ridge Premium Chardonnay 2016

    A richer chardonnay for those lovers of the more traditional style. Flavours of nectarines and white peach, the oak is well intergrated but bold, and there is a note of butterscotch on the finish.

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  • Ash Ridge Premium Late Harvest Chardonnay 2016

    Delicate aromatics draw you in to this beautifully balanced late harvest chardonnay. Honey, marmalade and nectarines on the palate make this a perfect companion for cheese and desserts.

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  • Ash Ridge Premium Syrah

    Ash Ridge Premium Syrah 2016

    A classic Bridge Pa Syrah. On the nose the aromatics are black boy peach and spice with freshly picked dark berries. The palate is full bodied with fine firm tannins and soft luscious boysenberry flavours with lingering toasty oak.

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  • Three Premium Viognier 2016

    Ash Ridge Premium Viognier 2016

    This blended vineyard Viognier was fully barrel fermented, to assist with a full bodied wine. To assist with this desire 10% of the blend was fermented on skins. Fermenting on skins is called orange winemaking. This gives the wine an orange hue in colour. It also adds intensity on the nose and tannin to the palate.

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